Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Listing - Music - Udayswar@Prithvi: Paras Nath - Flute

​17th June 
2018 | 7:30 AM | Prithvi Theatre
Paras Nath - Flute
Born in a family of traditional flute players of Varanasi, Paras Nath had shown a remarkable inclination towards music from childhood. He started training in the field of this most wonderful wind instrument from the age of five, under the expert guidance of his father and renowned flautist Pandit Amar Nath. He has inherited the art of flute playing, as this has been a legacy of the family for the last four centuries.
Paras gave his first flute performance at the tender age of nine. He has performed at many concerts and played flute in many movies including the famous Bollywood movie Oh My God starring Paresh Rawal.

Co-artistes: Ojas Adhiya (Tabla)
by Pancham Nishad
An Indian classical music concert of morning ragas
No microphones! No amplification!
Udayswar@Prithvi is a rare and truly unique acoustic experience of Indian Classical Music in the manner it was originally designed, for an intimate Baithak.
Based on the 8 Prahars (time spans) of the day, this Indian Classical Music concert features morning ragas of the 2nd Prahar performed by various artists.

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