Thursday, 2 August 2018

International Klezmer Festival

International Klezmer Festival at Safed in Israel from August 14-16, 2018
The 2018 International Klezmer Festival in Safed marks the 31st gathering of tens of thousands of international and local visitors for this unique, free musical event. This year the festival will take place between the 14th to 16th August, 2018. Numerous musical performances are given by the best Klezmer musicians from Israel who perform together with international Klezmer greats.
This year there will be 5 main stages set up in the old historical alleys of Safed which lend a special atmosphere to the festival. On each evening, there will be five separate performances on each stage, beginning on the half-hour, from 8:30pm on August 14 and on the hour from 8:00pm on August 15 and 16. In addition to the many performances (free entrance to all events) there will also be many other activities in the city including a stage for "Klezmerim for Kids", tours and workshops in the spirit of the Kabala and more.

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