Salim Diwan - Indian Film Actor

1.. Business n Acting both require a lot of work and it isn’t easy to reach at a high level quickly without any effort. Both require an immense level of dedication and hard work. I actually planned business only, acting just happened by chance! Acting is something which always came to me naturally and I loved the entire process! But being an outsider it is very tough to get the kind of work that you want to do! Nobody takes you seriously until you have reached a level, but what they do not understand is that outsiders are often not given the opportunity only to show their merit.'s been a long gap but as they say all good things come in time! Haha jokes apart, my film and web series are ready for was planned in 2020 but unfortunately it couldn't happen coz of the lockdown ..insaaallaha this year things will fall into place. I have recently just released a short film about religion. The story is very different and it teaches us how we should not associate Islam with terrorism, as terrorists have no religion!
Alia Basu Gayab Hai is extremely close to my heart and the elements in the movie will shock the audience! It has so many twists and turns that it will constantly keep playing with the audiences mind! This film will define me as an actor I am very sure that the audience will accept me and this film-wholeheartedly. Honestly  I don't want to reveal much about this film....I will only say that I will have 1 hour and 40 minutes to hold the audience through this film and trust me they won’t even budge for a second!
I am already ready with a couple of projects both films and web series! Once OTT platform confirms the date of release that time will talk about that projects in detail! I am a little skeptical like that but I am very confident that through my upcoming work I will carve out a niche for myself. My next project is with a very big star and hopefully if it all works out you will see me sharing screen space with some of the stalwarts soon!
I don’t know about noble and all but yes feels good to be doing something without expecting anything in return!
My father was a very very noble man  and all his life he believed that ones true purpose is to give and provide as much possible especially for those who do not have the means!
I have grown up watching and admiring my father and I want to keep his legacy alive, I am sure if he was here today he would have supported me 100 percent in my cause. These kids are the future of our generation and if with my little support they can get better education and a better life then I consider myself an extremely lucky man.
I have a lot of other plans to, I have decided that I am gonna continue on this journey, and now it has become my life’s mission to help out others!


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