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  As we are all set to welcome 2021, Ace Casting director Mukesh Chabbra opens up about 2020 as a year for the Indian entertainment industry     December 31st 2020, Mumbai:  The year 2020 will always be looked at as the year of the pandemic. It’s the year that the entire human race had to stay socially distanced and confined in their homes in the fear of an unknown virus that could not be seen nor heard. With its numerous drawbacks also came numerous opportunities. The opportunity to spend more time with your family, to take as many holidays at one stretch which was our lifelong dream, the opportunity to reflect and ponder over our lives and so many others. One such opportunity that we all witnessed as a film fraternity was the rise in viewership on OTT platforms. Since multiplexes were shut and our main source of entertainment was a show on Netflix or Hotstar, we came to love this medium which was in the secondary, up until the pandemic struck.    Sharing his thoughts about this huge
  स्वाती आणि श्रीधरची जुळणार रेशीमगाठ  ! चंद्र आहे साक्षीला सोम ते शनि रात्री ८.३० वा. आपल्या कलर्स मराठीवर.     मुंबई ३१ डिसेंबर ,  २०२० : ते म्हणतात ना ,   ‘ फसवणुकीवर उभं असलेलं नातं पत्याच्या बंगल्यापेक्षा तकलादू असतं ’  ...  स्वातीच्या आयुष्यात श्रीधर नकळतपणे येतो आणि तिचे संपूर्ण आयुष्य बदलून जातं... दोघांमधील प्रेम हळूहळू फुलू लागतं... यामध्ये बर्‍याचदा स्वातीला नन्ना सांगतो की श्रीधर काही चांगला माणूस वाटत नाही... श्रीधरच्या तोतया बायकोला भेटल्यावर देखील स्वाती श्रीधरचं खरं रूप ओळखू शकत नाही. स्वाती उघड्या डोळ्याने देखील सत्य बघू शकत नाहीये कारण , तिच्या डोळ्यावर श्रीधरच्या प्रेमाची पट्टी आहे ... स्वातीसमोर स्वतःला प्रामाणिक म्हणून सिद्ध करण्यासाठी श्रीधरने अनेक नवनवे डाव रचले. आणि त्यात स्वाती पूर्णत: अडकत चालली आहे...श्रीधर आणि स्वातीच्या जुळू पाहणाऱ्या नात्यात अनेक संकट येत राहिली पण श्रीधरने प्रयत्न सोडला नाही. श्रीधरच्या प्रेमात जसजसे दिवस पुढे सरकू लागले स्वातीचा त्याच्यावरचा विश्वासदेखील वाढू लागला... श्रीधरने स्वातीसोबत पळून जाऊन लग्न करण्याचा विचार देखील केला आहे .  त्
  Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga and producers Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar along with actor Ranbir Kapoor are all set to delight the fans with a New Year surprise December 31st, 2020, Mumbai:   The director of Kabir Singh and Arjun Reddy; Sandeep Reddy Vanga is all set to announce his next with Ranbir Kapoor after 2 back to back blockbusters!  The actor who has impressed the fans with his versatile acting through movies like Rockstar, Barfi, Tamasha, Wake Up Sid, Sanju, and many more is all set to star in the unnamed project that is backed by the talented director. This movie will mark the 2nd collaboration of the director with Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Murad Khetani alongside Pranay Reddy Vanga of Bhadrakali Pictures. The team will reveal a surprise video to commence the new year on a positive note. The audience will have a surprise announcement video awaiting for them on the 1st day of 2021 at 12:01 am on Tseries' official YouTube channel. Produced by T-series, Cine1 Studios,
  Swaranjali: Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital’s Musical Tribute to the Heroes of the Pandemic  Mumbai, December 3 1, 2020 : Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital organised a musical programme ‘Swaranjali: Ek Saal, Ek Safar, Ek Salaam’ to pay tribute to society’s heroic battle against the pandemic on December 30. The virtual gala was the brainchild of Dr Mihir Bapat, Director & Senior Consultant, Nanavati Institute of Spine Surgery, who wished to extend support to the musicians who suffered a loss of livelihood during the pandemic.  Hosted by Dr. Samir Dalwai, the event was elevated by Nanavati Hospital’s singing sensations Dr. Bapat, Dr. Sanjay Nabar, Dr. Aneesh Sabnis, Dr. Agnieesh Patial and Dr. Jagruti Parthiv Sanghvi, who performed live with the musicians of the fabulous Orchestra Mahim Group on YouTube on 30 December at 6 P.M. (Wednesday).   The global pandemic has had varied shattering effects on different communities. To acknowledge the musicians and to lift their spirits, t
  स्वरांजली :  नानावटी सुपर स्पेशियलिटी हॉस्पिटलतर्फे महासाथीतील हिरोंना मानवंदना मुंबई , 31  डिसेंबर , 2020 :  नानावटी सुपर स्पेशियलिटी हॉस्पिटलच्या वतीने ‘स्वरांजली: एक साल ,  एक सफर ,  एक सलाम ’  या सांगीतिक कार्यक्रमाचे आयोजन करण्यात आले. महासाथीत समाजाच्या कल्याणासाठी झटणाऱ्या लढवय्यांना मानवंदना देण्याच्या उद्देशाने 30 डिसेंबर रोजी ही सूरमयी मानवंदना देण्यात आली. ही व्हर्च्युअल कलाकृती नानावटी इन्स्टिट्यूट ऑफ स्पाईन सर्जरीचे डॉ. मिहीर बापट यांच्या कलात्मकतेचा आविष्कार ठरली. महामारी दरम्यान अनेक वादक कलाकारांवर उपासमारीची वेळ आली ,  त्यांना पाठबळ देण्याचा उद्देश यामागे होता. डॉ. समीर दलवाई हे या कार्यक्रमाचे यजमान होते. तर डॉ. बापट ,  डॉ. संजय नाबर ,  डॉ. अनिश सबनीस ,  डॉ. अग्निश पतियाळ आणि डॉ. जागृती पार्थिव संघवी या नानावटी हॉस्पिटलच्या गायक महारथींनी कार्यक्रमात बहार आणली. दिमाखदार ऑर्केस्ट्रा माहीम ग्रुपच्या सुंदर वादक कलाकारांसह युट्युबवर 30 डिसेंबर रोजी संध्याकाळी 6 वाजता (बुधवार) ही सुरेल मैफल रंगली होती.    अचानक निर्माण झालेल्या महासाथीने समाजातील विविध घटकांवर विपरीत परि
  Digital empowerment solutions for NPS Subscribers to exit from NPS   PFRDA offers NPS Subscribers through its intermediaries, a comprehensive and digitally enabled solutions for their diverse needs from on-boarding, servicing, exit and facilitating issuance of annuity from the empanelled Annuity Service Providers (ASPs) as per the choice of the Subscribers.   Under the current process of exit of NPS Subscribers of POPs, the subscribers have to physically approach their POPs to complete their withdrawal request processed and the task is performed offline. The subscribers are required to submit the NPS withdrawal forms along with the other supporting documents for authorization by POP.   Now in addition to the existing offline process as mentioned above, the subscribers shall also have an online option to submit the withdrawal documents and   authorizing their withdrawal request by using OTP/e-sign to make the process seamless in a paperless manner.   In the online process, Subscribers
Havmor Ice cream’s digital campaign encapsulates that you don’t need a reason to enjoy an Ice cream cake Mumbai, 30th December 2020 : Havmor, one of India’s favorite ice-cream brands, has launched a new digital video with the beautiful and talented, Yami Gautam, stating that you do not need a reason to enjoy and appreciate the delicious Havmor Ice Cream Cake. The new flavor of ice cream cake is meant for all occasion and can be enjoyed any time. Havmor Ice Cream Cake brings best of both the worlds, ice cream and cake together in a platter. Yami Gautam, a true foodie, looks for more than just a cake and Havmor’s ice-cream cake is just what she wants. You don’t need an occasion to have these scrumptious ice-cream cakes. Every moment in life is a celebration that can be doubled with these delicacies which is two of the most favorite desserts, ice-cream and cake rolled into one. Commenting on the digital campaign,  Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, Head of Marketing, Havmor Ice-cream  said, “Ice-cream
  कापड ,   कपडे आणि चैनीच्या वस्तू उद्योगातील आशियामधील सर्वात शाश्वत कंपनी म्हणून   ABFRL  चा एसअँडपी ग्लोबल सीएसए 2020 कडून गौरव ·         ABFRL   चा जगात 8 वा तसेच उदयोन्मुख बाजार आणि आशियात पहिला क्रमांक    ·         कापड ,   कपडे आणि चैनीच्या वस्तू उद्योगात 85 टक्के वाटा ·         मागील वर्षीच्या तपासणी चक्रात 7 टक्क्याने सुधारणा मुंबई , 30  डिसेंबर  2020   :  आदित्य बिर्ला फॅशन अँड रिटेल लिमिटेड   (ABFRL),  हे फॅशन तसेच रिटेल क्षेत्रातील शक्तिस्थळ असून तिचा   एसअँडपी ग्लोबल कॉर्पोरेट सस्टेनबिलिटी असेसमेंट ,  आवृत्ती 2020 मध्ये कापड ,  कपडे आणि चैनीच्या वस्तू उद्योगात आशियातील सर्वात शाश्वत कंपनी म्हणून पर्यावरणीय ,   सामाजिक तसेच नियमन कामगिरीकरिता जगात 8 वा क्रमांक पटकवला आहे. डॉव्ह जोन्स सस्टेनबिलिटी इनडायसेस (डीजेएसआय)करिता इतरांमध्ये ,    कंपनी निवडीकरिता सीएसएच्या पद्धतीचा वापर करण्यात येतो. यावेळी बोलताना   ABFRL   चे व्यवस्थापकीय संचालक आशिष दीक्षित  म्हणाले की ,  एसअँडपी ग्लोबल कॉर्पोरेट सस्टेनबिलिटी असेसमेंट ,  आवृत्ती 2020 मध्ये कापड ,  कपडे आणि चैनीच्या वस्तू उद्योग प्
  'साऊंड ऑफ इंडिया' हे गायिका 'सावनी रविंद्र'चे  बहुभाषिक मॅशअप गाणे रिलीज नविन वर्षाचं जल्लोषात स्वागत करतं सुमधुर गळ्याची गायिका 'सावनी रविंद्र' हीने तिच्या चाहत्यांना  सांगितीक भेट दिली आहे. सावनीने 'साऊंड ऑफ इंडिया' नावाचं मॅशअप गाणं तिच्या ऑफिशीअल युट्यूब चॅनेलवर नुकतंच रिलीज केलं आहे. या गाण्याची खासीयत म्हणजे यात तीने भारतातील १५ विविध भाषेतील प्रसिद्ध गाण्यांचा संगम केला आहे. आपल्या सुरेल आवाजाने प्रेक्षकांना मंत्रमुग्ध करणारी गायिका 'सावनी रविंद्र' मॅशअप गाण्याविषयी सांगते,"आपल्या भारतातील सांगितीक संस्कृती ही प्रचंड समृद्ध आहे. त्यामुळे मी भारतातील काही निवडक १५ भाषेतील प्रसिद्ध गाणी एकत्र करून हे मॅशअप गाणं तयार केलं आहे. भारतातील प्रत्येक राज्यातील भाषा आणि त्या त्या भाषेतील गाण्यांच्या पद्धती ह्या मॅशअपद्वारे प्रेक्षकांना ऐकायला मिळणारं आहेत. पुढे ती म्हणते, ''या गाण्यात मराठी, कोंकणी, डोंगरी, हिमाचली, राजस्थानी, पंजाबी, बंगाली, कन्नड, तमिळ, मल्याळम, भोजपुरी, आसामी, गुजराती, ओडिआ अश्या १५ भाषेतील गाण्यांचा समावेश केला आह
  AU Small Finance Bank announces strategic partnership with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance to offer personalized Insurance solutions to enhance customer experience                             ·         Bank aims to deliver paperless, secure, and hassle-free life insurance solutions to its more than 18 lakh customers through digital platform with ICICI Prudential Life   ·         Over 700 banking touchpoints of AU Bank across 13 states and 2 union territories to receive the entire suite of customer-centric protection and long-term savings products of ICICI Prudential Life for retirement and critical illness   ·         AU Bank’s strong presence in urban, unserved, and remote regions will strengthen distribution network of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Mumbai/Jaipur, December 28, 2020:  AU Small Finance Bank (AU Bank), a scheduled commercial bank and one of the largest small finance banks in the country, today, announced its partnership with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, one of th
Two Women Motorsport Exponents Recognized as Madame Wonder Woman Madame Wonder Woman 2020 picks are Dr. Neharika Yadav and Garima Avtar 28 th  December, 2020, Mumbai:   Madame, one of India’s leading fashion brands recognized for its western wear collection is celebrating the spirit of women through the launch of its Wonder Woman collection in association with Warner Bros. The collection launch coincides with the release of the much-awaited Warner Bros release ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ this month.  Madame’s latest collection celebrates the essence of Wonder Woman who brings compassionate, caring, opinionated, highly competitive attributes to her character. Celebrating these qualities of Wonder Woman,  Dr. Neharika Yadav and Garima Avtar , both exponents from motorsports have been recognized by Madame Wonder Woman for India in 2020. Dr. Neharika Yadav is a dental surgeon by profession and a motorsport enthusiast by interest.  Garima Avatar, on the other hand, dons many feathers on her cap, fr
152nd State Level Banker’s Committee (SLBC), Karnataka meet held today at Vidhana Soudha   Mumbai, 28th December 2020:  The 152nd meeting of SLBC held on 28.12.2020 in the conference hall of Vidhana Soudha. The  Executive Director of Canara Bank Ms Manimekhalai  welcomed  Shri. T M Vijay Bhaskar, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka, Smt. Vandita Sharma, Addl. Chief Secretary & Development Commissioner, GoK, Shri. Jose J Kattoor, Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Shri Niraj Kumar Verma, Chief General Manager, NABARD , and other dignitaries, bankers and line department representatives for the meeting. Speaking at the occasion,  Ms Manimekhalai, Executive Director of Canara Bank , said, “Most economic activities are into normalcy except schools, colleges and large scale social gatherings. The agricultural sector has performed exceptionally well and remained the backbone of the economy during and after the lockdowns and hence, deserves all support. The immediate relief to the v
  Kaarvaan Pictures is all set to cheer you up with ‘Get up, Get up, Get up’ song   The festive season got a little more merrier, with the launch of Kaarvaan Pictures original song titled ‘Get up, Get up, Get up’. This is their second original after the soulful ‘Kuch Ajeeb Si’. ‘Get up, Get up, Get up’ is a song which talks about  enjoying life in every small way possible. Song Link: v=wXbBhImY5qQ The 4 minute 22 seconds song talks about celebrating life in these difficult times and  welcoming 2021 with a lot of love, hope and happiness in our hearts. Written and directed by  Shaunak Joshi, the music is produced and composed by Karthik Ramaswamy. Additional lyrics are by Bernard Dafeny who is also the lead vocalist. Anjana, Anurag, Anusha, Drishtant, Jahnavi, Nadia, Niza add the background vocals along with Rozelle Alphonso on the keyboard. Commenting on the same director Shaunak Joshi said, “The whole idea of this song is to create hope and happiness wh
    “Chingari Shakti Foundation’ Founder Pinkky Rajgarhiya, Mrs Asia 2017, and Mrs. Sarita Goyal through their NGO successfully organised a blanket donation campaign and Geeta Jayanti , Christmas celebration at Vajreshwari and Benapatti, in Vasai.   The Chingari Shakti Foundation was founded with a goal of Women Empowerment, Child Development & Health and Hygiene awareness among every female in India.   Pinkky Rajgarhiya, Mrs. Asia 2017 & winner of many prestigious pageant titles, is a well-known Social Activist in Mumbai. Being a Child Psychologist, she wants to help every child in the country to achieve their dreams, empower every woman and provide them with health and hygiene awareness through her Chingari Shakti Foundation, based in Mumbai. On the occasion of Christmas and  Geeta Jayanti to celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ, this year Pinkky along with Mrs. Sarita Goyal, Advisory Board Member, Chingari Shakti Foundation, planned to visit Vajreshwari and Benapatti
अंधश्रद्धे   मुळे   बळी   गेलेल्या   मित्राची   भावनीक   गोष्ट   म्हणजे ' पिटर '  चित्रपट   २२   जानेवारीला   संपूर्ण   महाराष्ट्रात   प्रदर्शित   होणार   मुंबई ,  आनंदी    इंटरप्रायझेसची   ही   पाहिली   निर्मिती   असून   हिंदी   इंडस्ट्री   मधील   नामांकित   निर्मिती   संस्था   आणी   डिस्ट्रुबिशन   कंपनी  ' जम्पिंग   टोमॅटो   मार्केटिंग   प्रायव्हेट   लिमिटेड '  हा   चित्रपट   प्रेझेंट   करत   आहे .  याचे   निर्माते   अमोल   अरविंद   भावे   आहेत   यांनी   अत्ता   प्रयन्त   ७   चित्रपटांचे   लेखन ,  दिग्दर्शन   केले   असून   ४५   टीव्ही   मालिकांचे   देखील   दिग्दर्शन ,  लेखन   केले   आहे   त्यांच्या   बरोबर   दिप्पांकर   रामटेके   आणी   रोहनदीप   सिंह   हे   या   चित्रपटाचे   सहनिर्माते   आहेत .  तसेच   या   चित्रपटाला   सुरेल   संगीत  ' श्री   गुरुनाथ   श्री '  या   संगीतकाराने   दिले   असून   गीत   लेखनाची   जबाबदारी   रंगनाथ   गजरे ,  विष्णू   थोरे   यांनी   पार   पाडली   आहे   ही   सुंदर   गाणी   सई   जोशी   व   ज्ञानेश्वर   मेश्राम   या   गोड   गळ्याच्या