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अभिनेत्री श्वेता शिंदे - ज्येष्ठ अभिनेत्री रोहिणी हट्टंगडी

रोहिणी   हट्टंगडींना   मिस   करतेय   श्वेता  !!! सगळ्यांची   लाडकी   अभिनेत्री   श्वेता   शिंदे ,  ज्येष्ठ   अभिनेत्री   रोहिणी   हट्टंगडी   यांना   खूप   मिस   करत   आहे .  कोरोनाच्या   पार्श्वभूमीवर ,  चित्रीकरणासाठी   नवी   नियमावली   अमलात   आणण्यात   आली   आहे .  या   नियमावलीमुळे   ६५   वर्षांहून   अधिक   वयाच्या   कलाकारांना   चित्रीकरणात   सहभागी   होण्याची   परवानगी   नाही .  त्यामुळेच   रोहिणी   हट्टंगडी  ' डॉक्टर   डॉन '  या   मालिकेच्या   सेटवर   उपस्थित   राहू   शकत   नाहीत . युवा '  वाहिनीवरील   या   मालिकेत ,  डॉक्टर   मोनिका ,  त्यांची   आई डॉक्टर   स्नेहलता   यांना   खूप   मिस   करत   आहेत ,  असे   दाखवण्यात   येत   आहे .  याविषयी   बोलताना ,  मोनिकाची   भूमिका   साकारणारी झी  अभिनेत्री   श्वेता   शिंदे   म्हणते   की , ' खरंतर   मीदेखील   रोहिणीजींना   सेटवर   मिस   करत   आहे .  त्या   मनाने   सर्वात   तरुण   अभिनेत्री   आहेत .  मात्र   या   नव्या   नियमानुसार   त्या   सेटवर   येऊ   शकत   नाहीत .  व्हिडीओ   कॉल   वरून   ते   एकमेकां

Saregama announces Quarter Results

PAT Q1FY21: 158Mn vs Q1FY20: (12) Mn Riding the Stay-at-Home wave Mumbai, July 31, 2020:  Saregama, India’s oldest music label and the youngest movie studio, announced its financial results for the 1st Quarter of the financial year 20-21. In a quarter which was locked down due to Covid-19, the Company was able to increase its PBT 110 times on y-o-y basis. With a consolidated turnover of Rs. 765 Mn and PBT of Rs 220 Mn, the Company was able to achieve 29% PBT margin in this Quarter. The PAT for the Quarter was 158 Mn. The primary profit driver was the increased consumption of Saregama IP: Music, Films, TV Serials on digital media by people staying at home. There is more content getting consumed by more number of people in the post-Covid-19 era than the pre-Covid-19 one. These results have come despite Caravan sales slowing down in light of retail network being shut and no new shoots of our TV serials during this Quarter. Highlights for the Quarter as follows: 1. New Licens

HCL Technologies (HCL)

Real-time In-store Insights (RII) Implementation Service by HCL Technologies   Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to the RII implementation service to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies. India – July 31, 2020 –  HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company,   today announced the availability of its Real-time In-store Insights (RII) consulting offer, a four-week implementation of its RII solution,  on Microsoft  Azure Marketplace , an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions. The RII offering aims to leverage IoT-powered insights to reimagine the retail space and transform the shopping experience. RII utilizes radar-sensing technology and imaging technology to capture accurate demographics and real-time locations of  foot traffic patterns and movements, cutting through adverse a
Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Shriram Nene featured among Top 20 most-watched ‘Talks At Google’ Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Shriram Nene have been featured amongst the Top 20 most-watched ‘Talks At Google’. Among those who made it to the Top 20 'most-watched' videos, include Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, Indian yogi Sadhguru and Hollywood celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Lady Gaga, and Marie Kondo among others. ‘Talks at Google’ is a talk series hosted by Google, the program invites authors, scientists, actors, artists, filmmakers, and musicians to discuss their work at length. Madhuri Dixit Nene and Dr. Shriram Nene were invited to give the talk in 2015 and they extensively spoke about their journeys and business ventures, RnM Moving Pictures and Dance With Madhuri an edtech that gives its users the opportunity to learn dance from the masters in a fun and social way. Madhuri Dixit Nene and Dr. Shriram Nene, recently won the Entrepreneur India’s ‘Couple Entrepreneur of the year Awar

Blue Dart Sales at ₹ 4,142 million..

Blue Dart Sales at ₹   4,142 million for the quarter April-June 2020 Mumbai, July 31, 2020 :  Blue Dart Express Limited, South Asia's premier express air and integrated transportation, distribution and logistics Company, declared its financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2020, at its Board Meeting held in Mumbai today. Revenue   from   operations   for   the   quarter   ended   June   30,   2020   stood   at   ₹   4,142   million   and   net   loss   at   ₹ 1,279 million (after accounting for deferred   tax). Balfour Manuel, Managing Director, Blue Dart  said "Blue Dart continues to be a forerunner in the express logistics industry in India, with a strategic focus on all sectors. The business environment was extremely   challenging   due   to   the   COVID-19   pandemic.   However,   the   Company   continued   its   operations to   support   critical   supply   chain   in   challenging   times.   The   national   lockdown   during   the   quarter   impac
Zee Yuva - Karan Bendre's Quote on Friendship day and Raksha Bandhan ' फ्रेंडशिप   डे '  म्हटलं ,  की   जवळचे   मित्र ,  त्यांच्यासोबतच्या   आठवणी   या   गोष्टी   ओघानेच   येतात .  आम्ही   कॉलेजमध्ये   असताना ,  एकदा  ' फ्रेंडशिप   डे '  थोडा   वेगळ्या   पद्धतीने   साजरा   करायचा   असं   ठरवलं   होतं .  आम्ही   सगळ्यांनी   बाईक्स   काढल्या   आणि   थेट   लोणावळा   गाठलं .  छान   पावसाळी   वातावरण ,  आजूबाजूला   धबधबे ,  अशा   वातावरणात   लोणावळ्यानजीकच्या   विसापूर   गडावर   आम्ही   ट्रेक   केला   होता .  आम्हाला   सगळ्यांनाच   ट्रेकिंगची   आवड   असल्यामुळे ,  तो   दिवस   छान   मजेत   घालवला   होता .  ही   आठवण   आजही   ताजी   आहे .  खरंतर ,  मित्र   याचकरिता   असतात ;  असंख्य   आठवणी ,  सुखदुःखात   मिळणारी   साथ   आणि   कुठल्याही   परिस्थतीत   मित्राची   सोबत   याच   गुणांमुळे   मैत्री   घट्ट   होते .  असे   जवळचे   अनेक   मित्र   मला   लाभले   आहेत .  मीसुद्धा ,  त्यांच्या   सुखदुःखाच्या   प्रत्येक   प्रसंगी   त्यांच्या   सोबत   असू   शकेन ,  यासाठी   प्रयत्

Raksha Bandhan 2020

Raksha Bandhan 2020: Prepare Lip Smacking Recipes for your Siblings    Raksha Bandhan, one of the most celebrated festivals in India, is just around the corner. Del Monte brings you scrumptious dishes this festive occasion to celebrate with your loved ones by staying at home. Enjoy the festival with your brother or sister and relive old times and create new memories together.   PANEER SATAY RECIPE WITH TANDOORI MAYO  Ingredients-   400 Grams Cottage Cheese (Homemade Paneer)  4 TBSP Del Monte Tandoori Mayo  2 TBSP Peanuts, Coarsely Pounded  1 TBSP Lemon Juice  2 TBSP Olive Oil  Salt To Taste  Method-   Cut paneer into long slices measuring around 4”x 1”inches and keep aside.  In a mixing bowl add Del Monte Tandoori Mayo along with salt, lemon juice, some crushed peanuts and oil. Mix all together with a spoon to make a paste.  Take paneer slices and coat them well with the prepare mayo mix from all sides.  Place the coated paneer slices on a plate, cling wra

Universal Sompo General Insurance..

USGIC Launches India’s 1 st  AI-powered Conversational Agent for Motor Insurance Mumbai, July 31, 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic has caused ambiguity and disruption in customer services across the world and has changed the life of people in unthinkable ways. In these unforeseen circumstances, Universal Sompo General Insurance, as a customer-first organisation has launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered virtual agents for its motor claims services. Universal Sompo's AI-powered virtual agents will use conversational AI to automate the routine conversations traditionally handled by live agents. The First Notice of Loss (FNOL), which is the first step in claims processing, is usually a call center-based service which requires extensive questions and data gathering. Customers who have had a motor accident and are wanting to register a quick claim are usually under stress and look for convenient ways to report the claim without having to wait in call queues.  Offloading routin

अक्षरधाम स्वामिनारायण मंदिर पवई ,मुंबई रक्षाबंधन हिंदोळ्याचे आयोजन

*विशेष रक्षाबंधन हिंदोळा * अक्षरधाम स्वामिनारायण मंदिर पवई ,मुंबई यांनी रक्षाबंधनाचे औचित्य साधून विशेष हिंदोळ्याचे आयोजन केले आहे. या आयोजनामागील दिव्य हेतू हा की कोवीड-१९ च्या भयानक परिस्थितीपासून रक्षण करण्याच्या उद्देशाने भगवान स्वामिनारायण यांच्या कृपाशीर्वादाने 'राखी पौर्णिमा' साजरी करणे हा होय. हा विशेष शिंदोळा अक्षरधाम स्वामिनारायण मंदिर पवई येथे आहे.

Sony MAX2 Prime Time movies for Auguts 01- August 15 August

Sony MAX2 Highlights and Listing - August 1- 15, 2020   SAT 1-Aug-20 19:00:00 AAMDANI ATTHANNI KHARCHA RUPAIYA SUN 2-Aug-20 19:00:00 INDIAN MON 3-Aug-20 19:00:00 HAATIM TAI TUE 4-Aug-20 19:00:00 PARVARISH WED 5-Aug-20 19:00:00 DHARAM-VEER THU 6-Aug-20 19:00:00 DEEWANA FRI 7-Aug-20 19:00:00 DAYAVAN SAT 8-Aug-20 19:00:00 MEHERBAAN SUN 9-Aug-20 19:00:00 THANEDAAR MON 10-Aug-20 19:00:00 ALIBABA AUR 40 CHOR TUE 11-Aug-20 19:00:00 HUM TUMHARE HAIN SANAM WED 12-Aug-20 19:00:00 BETAAB THU 13-Aug-20 19:00:00 NAAJAYAZ FRI 14-Aug-20 19:00:00 DAATA SAT 15-Aug-20 19:00:00 TIRANGAA