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Rishabh Pant joins D2H as its Brand Ambassador New Delhi,  February  24, 2022:   D2H , the leading DTH brand of  Dish TV India Limited , today announced the signing of Indian cricketer  Rishabh Pant  as the new brand ambassador. Rishabh Pant will feature in 360-degree brand communication for the next two years.     Commenting on the association,  Mr. Anil Dua, Executive Director & Group CEO, Dish TV India Ltd , “We are delighted to have Rishabh Pant as brand ambassador for our D2H brand. Our brands are our biggest strength.   This investment in the D2H brand is going to make it even stronger. The close affinity between D2H brand and Rishabh Pant as brand ambassador will enable deeper engagement of D2H with its TG.”    Speaking on the partnership,  Rishabh Pant  said, " D2H  is a large DTH brand with a long record of disruptive innovation in the industry. It is wonderful to be associated with D2H and looking forward to working closely with the team to take it to greater heights

ICPA Health Products Ltd (ICPA)

National Oral Pathologists Day: ICPA Organizes Webinar On Oral Manifestations of Endocrine Disorders Mumbai, Feb 24:   On the occasion of National Oral Pathologists Day, Feb 25, India’s leading Pharma Company in the oral healthcare segment -  ICPA Health Products Ltd  (ICPA) has organized a special webinar on ‘Oral Manifestations of Endocrine Disorders’ in association with  Etsah Trinity Providers, Jaipur . The webinar will be held on the same day at 9:30 pm (IST) and will have Dr Sasi Mouli, MBBS, MS, DNB, MCh (Endocrine Surgery) - Consultant Surgeon at Lilavati Hospital as the Guest Speaker. The webinar will aim to address the critical oral manifestations of endocrine disorders in order to help dentists in accurately diagnosing and treating patients. Dr Nilesh Pardhe (Organizing Chairman), Dr Pradakshana Vijay (Organizing Secretary) and Dr Priyanka Singh  (Organizing Co-secretary)  will host the webinar with Dr Rajeev Chitguppi, ICPA’s Technical Head of Marketing as the moderator for

Afsana Khan's Zindagi

Afsana Khan's Zindagi featuring the power couple Prince and Yuvika releases on Times Music Times Music  presents, ' Zindagi ,’ a heart-touching song that features a fan-favorite couple - Prince Narula and Yuvika Choudhary. The song is written by Veen Ranjha and is composed by Shobi Sarwan. The music video of 'Zindagi' is just as spectacular as the song itself. The wonderful chemistry between Prince and Yuvika is a sight to behold! The compelling story will make you engross deeper into the song and leave you spellbound. Afsana Khan is a well-known singer and is incredible at her craft. She has given hits like Titliaan, Jodaa, and many others in the past. “Zindagi is a song that will resonate well with the audience. The feelings and emotions that the song showcases are simply outstanding. I am sure that the audience will receive this song very well,"  said Afsana Khan. "It was a surreal experience for me to shoot for Zindagi. This song in the voice of Afsana Kha

Godrej Appliances

Godrej Appliances launches wide range of made in India Air Conditioners with Smart IOT controls, 99.9% UV virus sterilization, advanced cooling and more  ~ Projects more than double growth over last summer, meeting pre-covid levels Mumbai, February 24, 2022: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business Godrej Appliances, has launched its premium range of Air Conditioners with advanced cooling, air purification technology, IoT controls, differentiated aesthetics and more. These air conditioners provide smart controls to increasingly tech savvy consumers, along with comfort and safety through IoT, UVCool technology, Nano Coated Anti-Viral filtration, lower derating and more. Higher internet penetration and increased access to smartphones has revolutionised consumer behaviour, and the pandemic has increased digital familiarity by leaps and bounds; thereby bringing in more demand for tech-enabled devices. To cater to consumer’s growing acceptanc

गोदरेज ॲप्लायन्सेसतर्फे स्मार्ट आयओटी कंट्रोल्स

  गोदरेज ॲप्लायन्सेसतर्फे स्मार्ट आयओटी कंट्रोल्स ,  ९९.९% युव्ही विषाणू निर्जंतुकीकरण ,  ॲडव्हान्स्ड कुलिंग आणि इतर अनेक वैशिष्ट्यांसह मेड इन इंडिया एअर कंडीशनर्सची मोठी मालिका सादर ·           कोव्हिड-पूर्व पातळीवर जात गेल्या उन्हाळ्यापेक्षा दुपटीहून जास्त वाढ असलेले प्रकल्प मुंबई ,  २४ फेब्रुवारी २०२२: गोदरेज समूहाची प्रमुख कंपनी असलेल्या गोदरेज अँड बॉयसची व्यवसाय शाखा गोदरेज ॲप्लायन्सेसतर्फे ॲडव्हान्स्ड कुलिंग ,  हवा शुद्धीकरण तंत्रज्ञान ,  आयओटी कंट्रोल्स ,  इतर अनेकविध वैशिष्ट्ये यांसह एअर कंडीशनर्सची मोठी मालिका सादर करत असल्याची घोषणा केली आहे. वेगाने तंत्रज्ञान कुशल होत असलेल्या ग्राहकांसाठी हे एअर कंडीशनर्स स्मार्ट कंट्रोल्स पुरवितात. जोडीला आयओटीच्या द्वारे आराम आणि सुरक्षितता ,  युव्ही कुल तंत्रज्ञान ,  नॅनो कोटेड विषाणू प्रतिबंधक गाळणी ,  कमी ऊर्जा रेटिंग आणि इतर अनेक वैशिष्ट्ये आहेत.   मोठ्या प्रमाणावर झालेली इंटरनेट जोडणी आणि स्मार्ट फोन्सचा वाढता वापर यातून ग्राहक वर्तणुकीत क्रांतिकारी बदल झाला आहे. महामारीमुळे सर्वांचीच डिजिटल ओळख खूप जास्त वाढली आहे. साहजिकच तंत्रज्ञा

Musafir coming soon

Aishwarya Rajnikanth to direct love with Musafir. A promise made is a promise kept for Aishwarya Rajnikanth and Prerna V Arora. Aishwarya Rajnikanth is ready to stun us all once again with one of her most spectacular creations. She is directing a music single rather than a film for the first time in her history as a director. We already have a teaser for the mesmerizing video #musafir, for our viewers to enjoy. Musicians from north and south are to collaborate on one of the most significant projects of the year. Actor Shivin Narang stars in the video, who has worked on outstanding projects like beyhadh2, internet wala love, and many more. This collaboration looks as monumental as it sounds. It is in collaboration with Tipsofficial, Prerna Arora, Salman M Shaikh, and Aishwarya Rajnikanth. The teaser was released on February 14th, 2022, when love meets the world. The song will be made available in multiple languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telegu & Malayalam. That is not all. The music

The Maharashtra Rice Festival

Visit The Maharashtra Rice Festival From 17th to 19th February Mumbai: 16 th  February 2022:  The annual Maharashtra Rice Festival Celebrates its 1st edition of this esteemed event, hosted by Growers Direct, Yashwantrao Chavan Center, and Sri Swami Samartha’s Farmers Market, a farmer’s initiative start-up with an aim to develop a cost-effective supply chain that ensures benefit of farmers as well as consumers. This event offers consumers the opportunity to explore over 40 varieties of the finest quality rice products brought to you by our local farmers. It also serves as a platform for farmers who are offered the opportunity to earn their due income at the right price, all the while delivering high quality products to consumers.   Speaking about the event Supriya Sule, Member, 17th Lok Sabha says, “This event plays such an important role in the advancement of local farmers in Maharashtra, and I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of it.”   Adding to this, Dinesh Shinde, Director, Growers Di
अदितीचा हा नवा अवतार देशमुखांच्या घरात घेऊन येणार नवं वादळ एकत्र कुटुंब पद्धतीचं दर्शन घडवणारी तुझ्या माझ्या संसाराला आणि काय हवं हि मालिका प्रेक्षकांची आवडती आहे. त्यातील व्यक्तिरेखा प्रेक्षकांना आपल्याशा वाटतात. नुकतंच मालिकेत प्रेक्षकांनी पाहिलं कि सिडचे अमेरिकेला जाण्यासाठी प्रयत्न चालू होते हे सत्य अदिती मोठ्या बाईंना सांगते आणि त्यांना जबरदस्त धक्का बसतो व त्या चक्कर येऊन पडतात. मोठ्याबाईंना चक्कर आल्याचा, धक्का बसल्याचा संपूर्ण दोष सिड व देशमुख कुटुंबातील बायका अदितीला देतात. अदिती सिडसमोर तिने मोठ्याबाईंना तुला अमेरिकेला जायचंय असं खरं सांगितल्याचं सांगते त्यामुळे आता मालिकेत एक विलक्षण वळण येणार आहे. सिड अदितीला तू खोटं बोल्लीस असं मोठ्या बाईंना सांगायला सांगतो. अदिती सारं स्वतःवर घ्यायला तयार होते. त्यासाठी मुद्दाम घरातल्यांनी तिचा तिरस्कार करावा अशी वागू लागते. देवळात जायला बायका निघतात तर अदिती वन पिस ड्रेस घालून येते आणि मुद्दाम अशा काही गोष्टी करते जेणेकरून कुटुंबियांना तिचा राग येईल. अदितीच्या अशा वागण्यामुळे देशमुख कुटुंबीय दुखावतील का? सिड सगळ्यांना खरं सांगेल का? हे प

‘नाचू कीर्तनाचे रंगी’ शिवजयंती विशेष भाग झी टॉकीजवर

झी टॉकीजवर  ‘ नाचू कीर्तनाचे रंगी ’  शिवजयंती विशेष भाग छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज हे महाराष्ट्राचे आराध्य दैवत आहे.  हिंदवी स्वराज्य संस्थापक ,  रयतेचा राजा ,  लोककल्याणकारी राजा श्री    छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज यांच्या अतुलनीय पराक्रमाने ही महाराष्ट्राची भूमी  पावन  झाली आहे.  रयतेचा राजा कसा असावा याचा पायंडा छत्रपतींनी रचला.   शिवाजी महाराजांच्या अनेकविध गोष्टी आजही समाजाला प्रेरणा देतात. मानवतेचे उत्कट तत्वज्ञान आपल्या आचरणातून सांगणाऱ्या या महान व्यक्तिमत्वाची गौरवस्पद गाथा, झी टॉकीजवर कीर्तनाच्या माध्यमातून  ‘ नाचू कीर्तनाचे रंगी ’   या शिवजयंती विशेष भागात पहायला मिळणार आहे. १९ फेब्रुवारीला असलेल्या छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांच्या जयंती निमित्ताने  रविवार २० फेब्रुवारीला झी टॉकीजवर  ‘ नाचू कीर्तनाचे रंगी ’  शिवजयंती विशेष भाग   दुपारी १२.०० वा. व सायं ६.०० वा. रंगणार आहे.    युवा कीर्तनकार ह.भ.प ज्ञानेश्वर माऊली महाराज पथाडे   छत्रपती  शिवाजी महाराजांबद्दलच्या काही महत्त्वाच्या गोष्टी आपल्या निरूपणातून सांगणार आहेत.   अविश्रांत परिश्रम घेऊन आपले ध्येय सिद्धीस नेण्यासाठी छत्रपती शिवाजी महार

Singapore Airlines (SIA)

SINGAPORE AIRLINES FIRMS UP ORDER FOR SEVEN AIRBUS A350F FREIGHTER AIRCRAFT   Singapore Airlines (SIA) has firmed up an order for seven Airbus A350F freighters, with options for five more aircraft. The agreement was signed today at the Singapore Airshow 2022 by Mr Goh Choon Phong, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Airlines, and Mr Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International, Airbus. The A350Fs will replace SIA’s seven Boeing 747-400F freighters. The Airline will be the first carrier to operate this new generation widebody freighter aircraft when deliveries begin in the fourth quarter of 2025. The A350F burns up to 40% less fuel on similar missions to the 747-400F, reducing SIA’s carbon emissions by around 400,000 tonnes annually. This supports the SIA Group’s goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The A350F is powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines. Please see Annexe A for more information on the aircraft. The range and payload of the A350F

ICPA Health Products

  ICPA Health Products Pays Tribute To Lata Mangeshkar; Organizes A Special Tête-à-Tête with Her Dentist Dr Sandesh Mayekar On 17 th  Feb Mumbai, Feb 16, 2022:  To pay tribute to the Nightingale of India – Lata Mangeshkar, India’s leading Pharma Company in the oral healthcare segment -  ICPA Health Products Ltd  (ICPA) has organised a special tête-à-tête evening with her lifelong dentist - Dr Sandesh Mayekar, MDS, MS. Titled, ‘Lata didi ka Sandesh: Gaatey Jaatey’ the event will be hosted on the company’s official  YouTube  and  Facebook  accounts on Thursday, 17th Feb 2022 at 9.30 pm. Dr Mayekar will share incidents and anecdotes from his life that Lata Didi was part of and will be joined by his peers Dr A Kumarswamy, Dr Shyam Mahajan and Dr Rajeev Chitguppi, Technical Head (Marketing), ICPA. “Those of us who have experience visiting dentists regularly would know that dentists are a friendly, chatty bunch with whom we come to share a rapport over time. Dr Sandesh Mayekar was closely as

Rajora Entertainment presents Glitz Teleplay’s 'Rohtak Sisters'

Uncover the misty secrets of Rohtak Sisters with Glitz Teleplay's upcoming web series Rajora Entertainment presents Glitz Teleplay’s 'Rohtak Sisters' which is web series inspired by true events that occurred in Haryana. Two girls beat three boys in a bus for misbehaving with them. Their bravado soon gained fame. They commit more acts like this till they get in to real trouble. In the words of director Manoj Singh, "My curiosity was aroused when I first heard about the concept of the show. My interest was further piqued when I learned that it was based on true events. We have been shooting the show back to back and having fun along the way. My team and stars are very enthusiastic about the project and we can't wait for the audience to see the show and tell us how much they enjoy it!" The show is being shot in Bhopal since 12 February which, was Muhurat day. The star cast present there were Mrunal Jain, Aditya Kumar, Gaurav Sharma, Sonam Arora, Urvi Singh, Flora
Blackstone Acquires a Majority Stake in ASK Investment Managers, India’s Leading Asset and Wealth Management Company Mumbai, February 15, 2022  – Blackstone (NYSE:BX) announced today that private equity funds managed by Blackstone (“Blackstone”) have acquired a majority stake in ASK Investment Managers Limited (“ASK”), one of India’s largest asset and wealth management companies, from Advent International and other sellers.   ASK is one of the leading asset and wealth managers in India catering to clients across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and manages more than $10.6 billion in assets (as of December 31, 2021). It is one of the first portfolio managers in India, with nearly three decades of experience in managing the investment needs of India’s high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutions. ASK also specializes in property investment advisory and wealth advisory services. The company follows a cycle-tested investment philosophy, which prioritizes capital pr
RapiPay forays into Digital Banking, raises USD 15 million To build India’s largest digital banking and financial ecosystem and scale up existing payments business To launch a  first  of its kind Super App for Digital Banking and Financial Services New Delhi/Mumbai, 15 Feb 2022:  Consolidating its position as a leader in the Fintech industry  RapiPay  has raised $15 million in funding to launch NYE, a new age digital banking super App. Believing in RapiPay’s growth story, the current funding round is led by Varun Jaipuria (RJ Corp), DLF Family Office, Rahul Gautam (Sheela Foam) and Rohan Kumar (DS Group).  The investors see a great synergy with NYE (digital banking Super App) in getting their entire retail network of 6 million merchants using the super App for all their requirements like salary & current accounts, payment solutions, retail & business loans, Buy Now Pay Later, investments, insurance or other convenience services. RapiPay is the only Digital Banking player in the
  रॅपीपेचा   डिजिटल   बँकिंगमध्ये   प्रवेश ,  उभे   केले  15  दशलक्ष   डॉलर्स भारतातील   सर्वांत   मोठी   डिजिटल   बँकिंग   आणि   वित्तीय   परिसंस्था   उभी   करणार   आणि   सध्याच्या   पेमेंट   व्यवसायाची   व्याप्ती   वाढवणार डिजिटल   बँकिंग   आणि   वित्तीय   सेवांसाठी   अशा   प्रकारचे   पहिलेच   सुपर   अॅप   सुरू   करणार नवी   दिल्ली / मुंबई ,  15  फेब्रुवारी , 2022:   फिनटेक   क्षेत्रातील   आघाडीचे   स्थान   आणखी   भक्कम   करत   रॅपीपेने ,  NYE  हे   नवीन   युगातील   डिजिटल   बँकिंग   सुपर   अॅप   सुरू   करण्यासाठी  $15  दशलक्ष   डॉलर्सचा   निधी   उभा   केला   आहे .  रॅपीपेने   ज्या   प्रकारे   वाढ   साध्य   केली   आहे   त्यावर   विश्वास   ठेवून ,  वर्तमान   निधीउभारणी   फेरीचे   नेतृत्व   वरुण   जयपुरीया  (RJ  कॉर्प ), DLF  फॅमिली   ऑफिस ,  राहुल   गौतम  ( शीला   फोम )  आणि   रोहन   कुमार  (DS  ग्रुप )  हे   करत   आहेत .  गुंतवणूकदारांना  NYE  मध्ये  ( डिजिटल   बँकिंग   सुपर   अॅप )  समन्वयाची   क्षमता   दिसत   आहे .  त्यांचे  6  दशलक्ष   व्यापाऱ्यांचे   संपूर्ण   रिटेल   नेटवर्क ,