Cruise away on your Royal Enfield 350 Meteor with these perfectly styled GMA accessories

The fresh air of open roads, away from the traffic of the city, wind gushing on your face while you can almost hear the silence around. Cliche much? Not really, when you experience the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, your perfect cruiser motorcycle.

Ready to cruise away from the hustle and bustle of city life and your chaotic work schedule? Hop on your Meteor 350 styled with these perfect GMAs which will make your weekend get-away ride unforgettable. This weekend, reignite your inner passion of riding as the Meteor 350 wowes to provide you the perfect ride. Style your favourite Royal Enfield with these genuine motorcycle accessories that are designed to improve your comfort and provide your maximum support to allow those miles to pass more easily.

Deluxe Footpegs

Want your long cruise ride to be comfortable? Accessorise your Meteor 350 with forged aluminum foot pegs that come with a larger footprint. The rubber inserts isolate vibrations with their specific bayonet style mounting design and are perfect to provide comfort to both rider and pillion positions.

Touring Rider Seat

Experience maximum comfort and support with the all new touring Seats for Meteor with a bespoke seat cushion, extra lumbar support and flatter larger base surface. The use of 3D net technology evenly distributes the weight while adding to the comfort. Enjoy the true highway cruiser experience with  additional stitching and an embroidered logo add to the premium nature of this seat.



Airfly Evo Engine Guard

Want a distinct look with an additional layer of protection for your motorcycle at the same time? Add the Airfly Evo engine guard made from a 32mm steel tube, which is corrosion-resistant and precisely engineered for a perfect fit. The lighter and simpler design gives a modern look and is the perfect choice for easy riding.





Passenger Backrest Mounts & Pad

Give your back the much needed rest on your long ride with the black backrest pad and the mounts which provides maximum comfort and support for the lumbar of the pillion. These pads are constructed in the same manner as the seats themselves offering a uniform seating alignment for the rider, while the passenger backrest comes with cast aluminium backrest arms, which provide the mounting structure, making them the perfect match for your Meteor 350.






Sump Guard

Safety comes first! On your Meteor add an additional layer of protection to the engine and lower frame rails with this sump guard. It consists of a pressed heavy duty aluminum alloy plate which is then hard anodized to give a durable finish, with centered Royal Enfield branding. Mounting brackets integrate rubber segregation which can stifle vibrations and allow for any quick removal using tools for cleaning.

Black and Silver Straight Cut Silencer

Transform your cruising experience with this stainless steel built durable silencer without worrying about the compliance of noise and emissions. It has a unique sound, which is obtained with glass fiber absorption and specially tuned internals result in a deep, rich rumble attributed to Royal Enfield offering a smoother riding experience . The silver Straight cut style cap on it is highly relevant to the cruiser ride and is the right fit for customization.


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