Ushering in the Year of the Ox with special themed episode of CBeebies Go Jetters!


19 Feburary 2021: It’s a bumper crop of Go Jetters this month, featuring all-new global adventures with this crew of four explorers! Settle into the Year of the Ox with an exclusive celebration-themed cartoon event right here on CBeebies. Go Jetters Series 3 (Set 2) premieres on Friday, 19 February 2021, 4:50pm on CBeebies. The Go Jetters team journey right to the heart of China to discover exactly how the festival came about and what makes it the most important event on the Chinese cultural calendar. Keep your eyes peeled as they also pass through some of the country’s most breath-taking sightseeing marvels from both the past and present.


Go Jetters go bigger as our plucky international heroes Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, together with their disco-grooving mentor Ubercorn, discover lots more about our world. For Season 3, we’ve got them paddling down the Selangor River for fireflies in a special Malaysia-centric episode (Episode 40 – Funky Fireflies), helping in conservation efforts in Sao Paulo, Brazil and waddling with puffins in Iceland. As ever, the series aims to inculcate inquisitiveness, respect for other cultures and a sense of wonder for the world around us, with a healthy dose of fun every step of the way.


Catch CBeebies on the following channels: Tata Sky-DTH (Channel 687)Sun Direct-DTH (Channel 538), IMCL Cable, Hits: Channel 439 (Cable) and Channel 918 (Hits)Fastway Cable (Channel 390)SITI Networks Hyderabad (Channel 454)Aadhar Digital Vision (Channel 278)Akshaya Diginet Cable Vision (Channel 304)Kal Cable (Channel 510)UCN Network Cable (Channel 194)


Chinese New Year Stunt



A group of cartoon dolls

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Show Summary:

Celebrate a brand new Lunar year in style with special themed episodes of the Go Jetters (Chinese New Year, Dragon Dance Drama, The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Harbin Ice City, Terracotta Army), and Dog Loves Books (Dog Loves A Kite,  Dog Loves Sleepy Time Rhyme).

Learn a little more about the origins and ceremonies around Chinese New Year, and have the Go Jetters transport you to some of China’s most timeless cultural landmarks right on-board their signature Jet Pad.


Go Jetters Series 3 (Set 2)

Animation | Episodes: 26 x 11’


Show Summary:

Go Jetters go bigger as our plucky international heroes Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, together with their disco-grooving mentor Ubercorn, discover lots more about our world. And we learn much more about each of the Go Jetters too.

Travelling from the top of the planet to the very bottom, their action-packed adventures take them to truly incredible places. And there’s a good chance Grandmaster Glitch has got there first to cause his usual chaos! Back at the high-tech Go Jet Academy, there are previously unseen areas to explore and extra gadgets to reveal - including zippy new hovering bikes - and we meet Tala, a cadet with a secret.


Meet the Team:

·         Xuli (purple and yellow) – The specialized Jet Pad pilot of the whole group, she’s responsible for transporting the team to every hidden corner of the globe – and then getting them out of sticky situations. She also makes sure to take a team selfie at the end of every successful mission.

·         Kyan (blue and orange) – The team’s sportiest personality, he’s known for nimble gymnastics moves and never sitting still.

·         Lars (red and white) – He takes pride in his skill at engineering and repairing tools, and of course for being the tallest Go Jetter of all.

·         Foz (light blue and yellow) – The brains of the group, he has a habit of talking in math lingo, and helps them when they run into questions along the way.

·         Ubercorn – With a burning passion for disco, the unicorn leader of the Go Jetters provides advice to battle against arch-enemy Grandmaster Glitch, and shares three fun facts about every new location the team visits.


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