International Day of Happiness Quotes from Sony SAB Artists

Megha Chakraborty aka Garima from Kaatelal & Sons:

“Happiness is all around us, so this year on the occasion of International Day of Happiness, I urge all my fans to share laughter and spread cheery smiles everywhere. For me, becoming successful and achieving my dreams bring me a lot of joy and happiness. I am a dog-lover, so I love spending my time with them and it makes me super happy. The happiest moment of my life was when I took my mother for a vacation from my very first income. Life is too short, so we should make the most out of it by keeping it simple and should cherish every moment spent with family. My family always have stood by my side through the thick and thin and I grateful for all their support and for all the moments of happiness they have presented me." 

Abhishek Nigam aka Veer Nanda from Hero – Gayab Mode On:

“I believe it is essential to be happy at heart and spread warmth and smiles around. For me, happiness is equivalent to family and making them smile makes me happy from within. It brings me immense joy when I watch my show’s hoardings all around the city while driving. The feeling of being loved by people for your work is inexplicable and it brings me sheer happiness. I love and enjoy spending time with my family and friends, which makes me smile to the fullest.”

Sumeet Raghavan aka Rajesh Wagle from Wagle Ki Duniya:

“Being with my family, watching them having a good time brings a smile to my face. I believe spreading happiness is about being happy in others happiness and wishing good for everyone. I like to keep myself happy every day with my love for reading books, singing, playing instruments, and in my space. I believe we all should sometimes take a pause, look around and enjoy the small moments of life as that is how one can define pure happiness.”

Gulki Joshi aka Haseena Malik from Maddam Sir:

“Start your day with a beautiful smile and let happiness bloom in your heart. For me, happiness means lying down on a hammock and listening to birds under a tree and taking a nap. I believe family is an essential ingredient of happiness in anyone's life. We are worked up and stressed due to our career and ambitions, so a bit of support and understanding from the family can help you have a balanced and happy life. My show's hoardings around the city and the country bring me immense joy and happiness. The little things like smiling at a stranger, talking to people in a kind manner and having that bright smile on my face make me happy.”


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