Jashn-e-Qalam reunites with the Stage!

As theatres begin opening up again -- at 50 percent capacity -- Jashn-e-Qalam makes a return to the stage. This moment in our journey is special because we’re also making a debut: performing for the first time at the iconic Prithvi Theatre on 1 April.

Instead of hoping for a nascent debut early in its artistic journey , Jashn-e-Qalam nurtured this dream, all the while honing skills, sharpening its craft and preparing a repertoire that befits this prestigious stage. In these 7 years and 256 Shows, we have travelled across the country, performing at Theatres, Alternative Spaces, Academic Institutions, Cafes, Festivals, Offices and Homes to wonderful applause and acclaim.

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Our (Dramatic) Pandemic Story

This time last year, Jashn-E-Qalam had just delivered a performance for Bitiya Diwas in Gwalior on Women’s Day. We would never have anticipated that this would be our last performance before the world would come to a grinding halt. Our intention and desire to tell stories, however, did not come to a halt, but the usual platforms through which we reached you had shut down.

The world was gravely distanced socially speaking, but excessively connected virtually. We found an opportunity here and began a new initiative: JEQ Digital LIVE, which we offered alongside our partners and collaborators.


We are so proud that we were able to celebrate Munshi Premchand's death anniversary and Ismat Aapa's birth anniversary along with partners such as Rajkamal Prakashan, Indian Novels Collective, Kitab Khaana, Hans, Inner Courtyard, Yug Sahitya; Independence Day with Firstpost, Hindi Diwas with IISER, Pune; Republic day with Trinity College, Dublin. 

The last of these collaborations was incredibly special, because it marks the first time that Jashn-e-Qalam went International!

We also contributed to Shayarana Umeed, a fundraiser for COVID-19 relief work.

The audio series AfsanaBadosh, released in December, is our collaboration with Firstpost which celebrates the spirit of storytelling through narrations of fiction written by Rajinder Singh Bedi, Saadat Hassan Manto, Mannu Bhandari, Krishan Chander and Premchand. The stories that are part of this project have been chosen for their continuing social resonance, decades after they were published. Listen to the Episodes Here


Be A Rasika 

It is often said that listening -- and listening well -- is an act of love. Paying attention to something is, after all, one of the best ways to show that you care. An engaged audience member’s relationship with the actor on stage is much the same. Just as a true Rasika understands the Rasa underlying a performance of Carnatic or Hindustani classical music and its Ragas, so also is the viewer’s experience of theatre.

And what better way is there to be a rasika than to enjoy theatre in its most original, distilled form -- a StoryPlay where the full emphasis is on the performer’s words, actions and body, and the story they tell.

Shorn of frills such as elaborate sets, props and costumes, Jashn-e-Qalam’s StoryPlays aim to showcase the actors’ craft as well as the inherent beauty of Storytelling, a tradition that predates any form of entertainment. The artist thrives on the audience’s energy, conversing with them between the piece, and taking them along through the journey of the story.

We invite you to be a Rasika at our latest show. Book your Tickets Online Here!

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Love Conquers All? Truth Alone Triumphs? Frenemies Last Forever?

Ride this Rollercoaster of Emotions - Laughter, Tears, and Surprises around every corner!

Experience an enchanting blend of Storytelling and Literature with Solo Performances of Iconic Hindustani Short Stories.

Rajindar Singh Bedi’s LAMBI LADKI | Enacted by Madhurjeet Sarghi

A doting grandmother whose granddaughter’s abnormal height looms over her impending marriage and life.


Patras Bokhari’s MARHOOM KI YAAD MEIN | Enacted by KC Shankar

Discover the strange affinity between humour and hurt, comedy and tragedy! 


Vijaydan Detha's FITRATI CHOR | Enacted by Vicky Ahuja

In a world built on false promises, a Natural Born Thief must pay the price for his Honesty and Integrity!

Venue: Prithvi Theatre

Date: 1 April 2021, Thursday

Time: 6 and 9 pm

Duration: 120 Mins (with Interval)

Ticket: Rs 400

BookMyShow - Online Ticketing Link


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