Barkha Trehan

Barkha Trehan an adroit overcomer fights relentlessly for Men’s Rights and raises her voice in Mumbai at a social event hosted by Mrs. Shaina NC.

Barkha Trehan a woman with absolute dauntlessness and a strong personality gives her voice to all the men in the world battling with false cases done by women.  The men’s rights movement is a right practiced against feminism being misused and the victim is being accused. Barkha Trehan started an NGO named “Purush Aayog” and is also the president of “Purush Aayog”.  Recently, on 2nd December 2021, Barkha Trehan met NCP Minister Shri Dhanjay Munde and expressed the issues and challenges that all the men were experiencing. Barkha Trehan has given a voice to the men’s rights movement in Mumbai.
She made things transparent for the people in India to know about the discrimination that was being done in the name of “Feminism”. She gave light to the victimized men’s sorrows and pain both at the social and legal front. It's highly concerning that law gives stepmotherly treatment to Male victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  Men are forced to face endless legal battles or pay through nose for settling the legal battle when a woman is a complainant in spite of false cases.

As said by her, “Honorable Minister heard the grievances and submissions made by me.”

To promote the cause of Men's rights and issues faced by Men, Mrs. Trehan also participated in the event on 2nd December 2021 hosted by Mrs. SHAINA NC at Taj lands end, Bandra. 35 women achievers walked for CFBP, a fashion show for Council for fair business practices. Dignitaries like Shri Anupam Kher and other social influencers were also witnessing the event. She walked the ramp to highlight the cause and express the male side of the story.


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