Ventura Securities

Ventura Securities launches SLB - Stock Lending and Borrowing on its trading terminal 

  • Lending of securities with just a click on its trading terminal  

  • Generates income through lending fees from securities lying in your Demat account

January, 2021, Mumbai: Ventura Securities Limited, a leading financial services firm, launched a first-of-its-kind, highly convenient feature on their trading terminal called SLB, i.e., Stock Lending & Borrowing. SLB is a facility that allows investors to offer their shares for lending on its trading terminal and earn income through lending fees. 

“Lending and Borrowing of shares was activated by SEBI a few years ago and brokers facilitated this on traders’ behalf, however, that was a long process. Going forward, the stock lending feature on our live trading terminal  will allow traders to directly lend shares and earn fees on securities lying in the demat account,” said Vinay Punjabi, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ventura Securities on the launch. 

The investor can directly login into the platform and offer the securities for lending purposes. Many investors buy and hold their stock for a long time till it is the right opportunity for them to make gains on their portfolio. In today’s day and age, earning an extra income by lending your securities lying in the demat account in order to earn from lending of securities - is now just a click away. Ventura Securities’ trading terminal makes Lending of Securities fast and hassle free and completely automated. 

About Ventura Securities:

Ventura Securities Ltd. is a well-diversified financial services firm offering Retail and Institutional Broking in Equities, Mutual Funds Distribution, Commodities Broking. Ventura operates in a network spread over numerous cities and locations in association with its business partners.   

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