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Jan Prahar Foundation sets up a free HPV vaccination camp for 1000 girls & women 

Mumbai : In order to protect women from cervical cancer, Andheri (Mumbai) based, non-governmental organisation Jan Prahar Foundation (JPF) had setup a free HPV vaccination camp for women. 

The program that was organised in association with Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) 

administered over 1000 HPV vaccines to girls and women aged 9-18 and 18-45.

The program was inaugurated by Dr. Dhananjaya Sarnath, Executive Director CPAA, Rajesh Sonar, Sallagar CPAA and Ravikant Shukla, President, Jan Prahar Foundation in the presence of thousands of women and girls.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women and one of the main reasons of cancer led deaths in women. But, effective and timely HPV vaccination can help prevent most cervical cancer cases.

Mr. Ravikant Shukla , President & Founder of Jan Prahar Foundation said,” Caught up in the daily rigmarole of household and office work women tend to ignore their reproductive health, in light of this Jan Prahar Foundation has taken a small step in this direction by organizing a free camp for HPV vaccination for women. The camp that has been setup has vaccinated 1000 women in the age group of 9 – 45. Our endeavor is to vaccinate atleast 5000 women in the coming months.”

The second dose of HPV vaccine will be given to women aged 18-45 in October. While for the age group 9-14 it will be administered 6 months after the first dose. 

The HPV vaccination has clinically proven to be effective in preventing the spread of HPV infection. HPV vaccines have been found to be about 80% effective in preventing cervical cancer and 70% in preventing anal cancer. 

Jan Prahar foundation (JPF) was setup with an objective of women empowerment, sustainable livelihood generation for the needy, helping the poor with free medical facilities, education and training. JPF which works with over 100 women self-help groups (SHGs) has launched several initiatives to improve the financial condition of women through livelihood generation projects like making of indigenous sanitary napkins and distributing nearly 100 sewing machines among women SHGs. 

During the pandemic the foundation continues to distribute more than 500 free ready to eat kits every day and free ration kits to more than 2000 families through its Jan Prahar ration card. The foundation has also distributed free vapouriser machines to 15,000 families, 25,000 masks & sanitiser bottles and is constantly engaged in sanitising slum pockets to arrest the spread of the deadly Corona virus.


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