Mumbai-based Artist Krupa Shah plants 1000 saplings on occasion of 75th Independence Day

On the occasion of celebrating the 75th Independence Day of India, Artist Krupa Shah plants 1000 saplings within a day across 7 cities in India


Krupa Shah Pledges to plant 20,000 saplings across India by next Independence Day


Mumbai, 15th August, 2021: Krupa Shah, a prominent name in the genre of abstractionism, also donning hats as a social activist, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur, has planted 1000 saplings within a day across 7 cities in India. Krupa completed the Independence Day plantation initiative of planting 1000 saplings across seven cities including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Delhi, Haridwar, Surat, and Jaipur. With this activity, Krupa Shah hopes to invoke inspiration in the people around her and to set an example by planting saplings across the city.


This activity is planned to be a year-long one with its finish date being the next Independence Day i.e.,15th August 2022. By the end of this period, Krupa Shah aims to have planted 20,000 saplings across the country. This would not have been the first event of its kind organised by Krupa Shah. The abstract artist has conducted many other such activities that give back to nature.


With the rising rates of pollution and climate change, we have seen a growing number of natural disasters take place all around us. From flash floods to forest fires to cyclones and climate change we have seen it all increase in frequency and intensity over the past few years. Through this activity, Krupa Shah aims to rekindle and restore the greenery of India by doing her part in planting saplings where they are needed most. Shah's plans are directed toward the overall well-being of not only her country but of the entire planet starting with 1000 saplings and hopefully increasing in number eventually.

If each of us were to do our part and increase sensitivity toward the ongoing deforestation and felling of trees that are bringing adverse effects to all of us, we will eventually be able to live in a safer healthier planet that will be better for both us as humans as well as our fellow inhabitants such as animals and birds.


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